Can Valerian Root Treat Dogs With Seizures?


Can Valerian Root Treat Dogs With Seizures?

Having a pet that suffers from seizures can be traumatic for both the animal and the pet owner. Unfortunately, Epilepsy is a disorder that often occurs in dogs and results in unpleasant seizures. Can valerian root treat dogs with seizures? It may not be a “cure” but proper herbal supplementation can curb even the worst case of seizures in dogs.


Can Valerian Root Treat Dogs with Seizures?

Valerian root has been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. Documentation shows it was even used by the ancient Greeks. Valerian is a flowering plant, with the root being crushed and ground to make powders and tinctures. Valerian root can treat a dog that has experienced seizures by calming the dog’s nervous system. It has also been used to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Natural herbs for treating seizures in dogs have been used for many years. Herbal treatment for dog seizures may have varying results. Using one herb alone may not be enough, supplements containing many ingredients should be used. Another great herbal treatment is CBD Oil. This should be used for more severe cases. Valerian root has sedative properties and can also work for various types of anxiety, such as fear during thunderstorms. Valerian root works by affecting the central nervous system. It is believed to inhibit neurotransmitters in the brain. It also has anti-spasmodic properties.

Is Valerian Root Safe for Your Dog?

Valerian is generally considered safe for both humans and dogs. You will, however, want to watch for side-effects, especially if your dog is taking other types of medication. Many veterinarians recommend valerian root for their patients. When choosing a specific valerian root medication for your dog, make sure to look for a product that is 100 percent natural and has been laboratory tested. If you’re going to use valerian root for dogs with seizures you should attempt to keep your pet as healthy as possible to achieve the best results.

How Large of a Dose Should Be Given?

It’s important to make sure the correct dosage is given for each dog. It’s normally recommended to follow the dosing guidelines on the bottle of whatever product you may be using. Dosing is usually calculated by how much the animal weighs. You may want to start with the smallest dose possible and slowly increase the dose if it’s not effective. You will also want to inform your veterinarian of any medication or herbal supplement that you give your dog.

What Form of Valerian Root Should Be Given?

Valerian root can come in several different forms. It is often sold in tablets and tincture. A tincture is a liquid or droplet form of any type of natural herb. Droplets are often easier to administer than other forms. If your dog doesn’t like the taste, you may want to mix it with a dog treat or some other type of dog food. It’s important to carefully read all instructions for any type of valerian root product you may be used to make sure it is acceptable to mix with food. When using valerian root for seizures in dogs always make sure to take the recommended dosage. It’s important to closely follow all instructions of any product you may be using. Preventing or reducing the number of seizures your dog experiences can make a huge difference in the life of your pet!

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