About Us

It’s Paw Natural partners Brad Solomon and Brad Noonan, both Yoga instructors, met in 2002 in Delray Beach Florida. Both quickly realized that they shared not only a mutual love for a healthy lifestyle but also a tremendous passion for the animal. That was how It’s Paw Natural was born. Their love for healthy living and passion for animals was a perfect fit.

At It’s Paw Natural, passion is a purpose. The bond between people and pets is a sacred, life-giving relationship that we strive to protect and preserve in every product we offer. Just as the presence of pets in the home has been shown to enhance human health in a variety of ways, we hope to return the favor by securing the health of our beloved animals.

Our People

Our team of experts in the field of nutrition, herbalism, and homeopathy is actively involved in promoting a holistic view of health- not just as a philosophy, but as a lifestyle. We believe that the emotional and physical health of humans and pets are intimately joined together and both are of supreme importance.  We understand how a holistic approach to health can produce radical, lasting health improvements that synthetic drugs alone cannot provide.